We ensure sustained behaviour change and drive increased Forklift performance

Site requirements


What stopping is there on location for the teacher?

Preparing room

Preparing room ought to be 15m2 or 2.5m2 per individual, whichever is bigger. 240 volt control supply, table for educator to set up projector, PC and screen or divider appropriate for projection. Sufficient ventilation/warming, satisfactory seating and work area space for every applicant. Pens and paper. Can offices. Refreshments for competitors and teacher.


You should supply appropriate and adequate hardware/machines with a current LOLER endorsement for the MEWP. Has the MEWP been checked by a skillful individual to guarantee it is physically stable and works accurately? Has the MEWP been checked to guarantee the stage is free of flotsam and jetsam and, controls boards checked to guarantee that they are decipherable? Ensure the MEWP is completely energised/fuelled and keys are accessible. Is the maker’s guidance manual present with the MEWP? Are there reasonable bridle stay focuses on the MEWP?

Commonsense preparing zone

Do you have a region for the down to earth preparing? (This ought to be sufficient for preparing on generally MEWPs). The center of this down to earth zone ought to have a base span of 75% of the most extreme working envelope of the particular machine utilised and ought to be reasonable to take into account the Operator Practical Test Routes, as appeared in Section 4 of the IPAF MEWP Training manual, to be finished. The region must be cordoned off from person on foot/vehicular traffic, in addition to a reasonable work face focus at least 75% of MEWP most extreme stage stature. Zone must be free of flotsam and jetsam and overhead perils. Must be accessible for the so the teacher can be heard.

Learners require

Place of residence, email address, date of birth, any past PAL card.

PPE required via learners

Comfortable apparel, gloves, hard cap, wellbeing boots, full body restriction tackle and cord (course needy).

Hazard evaluation

A hazard evaluation should be done with specific reference to the ground for the useful preparing territory against: greatest working mass/most extreme point weight/dispersed Load (whichever is applicable) of the MEWP to be utilised. Closest medical aid unit must be recognised.